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New asphalt drive
Red hexagonal corner detail

Tired of having to
park two streets away?

Then how about a driveway on your property? York Paving & Driveways are an established driveway company and we offer a complete driveway installation and maintenance service. Enquire now.

Hexagonal corner detail
Newly laid block-paved driveway in York

What's the right driveway material?

There are a number of different styles of driveway, from traditional Tarmac™ to block paved options. Each has their own distinct advantages. Some are easier to install than others. While some have a longer lifespan and a greater resistance to general wear and tear. Block paving is known for its drainage capabilities while concrete can be designed with particular textures or patterns. The right choice depends on your own specific requirements, the nature of your property and the experience and expertise of the driveway installer. That’s where our team at York Paving & Driveways comes in.

Hexagonal corner detail

York Paving & Driveways can solve all those issues

York Paving & Driveways can design, supply and install the ideal driveway for your home or business. If you’ve got a specific idea of what you want as well as a defined budget, we can adapt the service accordingly. No job is too small or too big, and we offer a range of surfacing options, including Tarmac®.

Once you get in touch, we’ll come down and evaluate the site. We’ll discuss materials and designs with you and come up with a driveway that delivers what you want, both practically and stylistically. From prepping the site to finishing the surface, we’ll take care of everything. And once we know what’s required, from the size of the project to the various complexities involved, we’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote. You can see from our Facebook profile what’s possible and given the qualifications of our staff and the fact that we’re already vetted by Marshalls Register of Approved Landscape Contractors & Driveway Installers, you can count on us to deliver a driveway that meets your needs.

Freshly laid driveway
A driveway laid by York Paving & Driveways
Driveway Maintenance
Hexagonal corner detail

Already have a driveway but it needs some TLC?

Maintenance worker cleaning old dirty driveway with a pressure cleaner

Driveways do require a measure of care. Over time, cracks can open up. Potholes can develop. The actual colour of your driveway can fade. Here at York Paving & Driveways, we’ve got the experience and know how to address issues like these and provide a suitable fix. And given that maintenance work will extend the lifespan of your driveway and mitigate the risk of expensive repair work further down the line, it’s more than worth your while to get a professional maintenance service in to tackle those problems. And we do everything! From that initial clean right through to the resurfacing. And if we’re doing it, it means you don’t have to.

Driveway maintenance

Why our driveway installation and maintenance service?

Complete supply and installation service

Multiple driveway options available

Can maintain existing driveways

Over 40 years’ industry experience

Qualified staff

Marshalls Register of Approved Landscape Contractors & Driveway Installers

Workers smoothing out asphalt pavement at the end of the run for a new road and intersection
Beyond the added convenience, a driveway could increase the value of your property - and all in a matter of weeks. Email York Paving & Driveways and we’ll call back to discuss.

“I have had two jobs completed by the team now - significant block paving at the front which had the challenge of matching three separate levels and Indian paving at the back which had similar challenges. Both jobs were completed to the highest of standards and the attention to detail was second to none. John, Mikey and Nathan are a credit to their trade through their professionalism, courtesy, nature and can do attitude. I will certainly be using them for any future works and would not hesitate to recommend them. John, Mikey and Nathan - thanks for completing two top quality pieces of work.”


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